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Basin taps come in a range of different styles and functions, from mono mixers to wall mounted and chrome taps to brushed brass taps. Choosing the right tap for your bathroom can therefore be a bit tricky, but don’t worry once you’ve got the basics nailed the choice becomes much clearer.

First Things First

Like most things, you need to do the groundwork first to make sure the fun steps go smoothly, and you don’t end up with an expensive mistake on your hands. Before choosing your tap, you need to first check what your water pressure is and what central heating system you have as this will impact your choice. Taps come with different operating pressures so fitting the wrong one could result in a tap that only trickles. If you’re unsure about your water pressure or central heating setup, speak to a plumber.


Have you ever thought ‘my bathroom is just too small’? Does the stress of finding enough space for all your bathroom needs keep you up at night? Does your bathroom just feel too cramped, like you have to squeeze everything in with no room to swing the smallest cat?

Well, we have the blog for you! Find out how to maximise the storage space for the smallest bathroom with our range of compact furniture.